Before and after the EUPC

Edge Events will be organized all over Italy



From 3rd March to 27th August, Bolsena (Italy)

Workshop, meetings and free teachings.

An active learning path toward the European Convergence of Permaculture.




From 29nd to 31st of July, at Eden Sangra – Donato – Biella (Italy)


Starhawk is a well known writer, activist and permaculture teacher as well and offers a workshop with a rather intriguing title:

Permaculture and the Sacred: Permaculture is a system of ecological design with ethics and principles that help us create sustainable, regenerative systems for growing food, building houses, and creating communities. But how do we care for our own inner sustainability? How do we regenerate hope and energy in times of social and environmental breakdown? What do the ancient, earth-based healing traditions of Europe and the Middle East have to teach us today? Starhawk shares her many decades of experience researching ancient nature-based spirituality and creating and sharing rituals and personal practices to renew the spirit and deepen our connection to land and community.

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Permaculture Design Course 72h


From 22nd of August to 4th of September, Bolsena (Italy)

This internationally-certified Permaculture Design Course introduces the remarkable potential of Permaculture to address a broad range of issues, most obviously environmental (garden, farm, apartment or landscape), but no less significantly, social and financial contexts. The course follows the full curriculum, determined by over 40 years of observation and application, essential to enable a wise and comprehensive understanding of design.

Teachers: John Button, Francesca Simonetti, Marguerite Kahrl and Rosemary Morrow.

The PDC will be conducted in English.

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PermaCulturAlpina – Bioregion Ossola

August 25 – 28, 2016 Montescheno and Ossola (VCO), Italy

With Rosemary Morrow, John Button and Francesca Simonetti

This course provides tools and methods to the effective creation and functioning of a bioregional permaculture collective, ensure its long-term sustainability and enhance its potential to grow, diversify, relate to and be a model for others.

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Permaculture Teachers Course

Dates: 31 August – 4 September 2016, in Tertullia farm (Florence)

Teacher: Helder Valente (founder of New School of Permaculture – Atlantis Food Forest project in Tenerife, Canaries)

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Teacher T_Helder


Working with Refugees and Disaster/Emergency Situations

From the 5th to the 6th of September, in Bolsena, Italy, with Rosemary Morrow, John Button and Francesca Simonetti.

In this, two days workshop, the focus will be on working with refugee and emergency situations, addressing a critical need and promoting the vital role which Permaculture can play in transforming the problems into solutions in a vital context which affects the whole planet.

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Permaculture Teacher Training PTM

From 12th to 18th September 2016, Bolsena (Italy)

Training Course with Rosemary Morrow

Join internationally renowned permaculture teacher Rosemary (Rowe) Morrow and assistant teachers Anna Bartoli & Alfred Decker for six days of intensive training that will provide you with an invaluable toolkit to use in the classroom, as well as life in general. Whether you’re already a teacher, or thinking of becoming one, this course is designed to turn teaching into a transformative and fun exchange. Classrooms (indoor and outdoor) will never be the same again!

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Permaculture Teaching Matters


Cultural Emergence and People Centred Design

From 12th to 17th September 2016 in Bolsena (Italy)

This training will give you the confidence and skills to design any aspect of your life. We will be using the design web to create a design for ourselves as well as exploring how it can best be used in different scenarios. Interwoven with this will be the newly evolving Cultural Emergence tools and principles that has been co-created by Looby and Jon this year.
During our time together we will focus on how we can dedicate our energy to finding solutions for ourselves and the world. This will be a richly nourishing, empowering and truly life transforming course.
Looby Macnamara first created a new design framework specifically for use with people based designs: the design web. She included it in her book People and Permaculture published in 2012. This was the first book globally that directly explored how to use permaculture.
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Permaculture Social Course – People Care

Dates: 14 – 18 September 2016, in Tertullia farm (Florence)

Teacher: Helder Valente (founder of New School of Permaculture – Atlantis Food Forest inTenerife, Canaries)

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permaculture social course with Helder Valente